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All returning students must complete the Intent to Register (ITR) process in order to gain access to online course selection during summer registration through Student Center.

How do you complete ITR?
1. Log into your Student Center
2. Select 'Student Services Links' (right side of page)
3. Complete 'My Intent to Register'
Students have the ability to select a first and second choice for their module for the next academic year.

During March, we are offering program counselling so that students can make a decision regarding their program. Students must complete the ITR process before March 31, 2017. For Academic Advising about ITR, students can:

Sign up for an ITR Advising Session
Attend an ITR Program Workshop for a specific program
Attend 'What's Your Major' event on Wednesday, February 15th
Read the FAQ page for quick questions

In May, Academic Advisors are reviewing student records to complete Adjudication. This is the process of deciding whether a student is eligible for their requested ITR choices. Adjudication choices are based on the courses completed by the end of the 2016-17 academic year.
Are you taking a summer course that you want to count? Please see the ITR FAQ Page.

After the adjudication process is complete, each student's Final Grades and Grade Report Comments are posted in Student Center. Decisions will be posted BEFORE your online registration dates. Please do not contact Academic Advising to see if your decision has been posted.
To view your decision, go to:

Student Center > Academics > My Academics > View My Grades > Grade Report

This report includes both final marks and adjudication decisions (comments).