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Thank you for supporting Huron's Show your Heart Project 

More young people are attending university than ever before, which is creating a highly competitive job market where academic achievement isn't the only thing that matters. 

Thanks to community members, like you, who recognize the importance of empowering our young people to be career ready, we raised enough funds to send one student on a 16-week internship. If you missed the chance to participate in the campaign, you can still donate today to support Huron's Internship Program.

Thank you for helping this young Leader with Heart to realize their full potential.

How your contribution to Huron’s internship program will benefit the next generation of Leaders with Heart: 

  • Increase students’ access to the real-world experience they need to secure a rewarding career

  • Remove financial barriers to help students from all backgrounds have equitable access to opportunity 

  • Bolster economic vibrancy by fostering mutually-beneficial relationships between students and local employers 

  • Support non-profits and startup companies that may not otherwise have the financial flexibility to access exceptional talent 

  • Contribute to Huron’s legacy of producing truly extraordinary alumni 


Your gift will be an investment that has exponential returns because you are supporting the realization of a Huron student’s potential. Our Leaders with Heart do not shy away from challenges: they show up and show off their incredible talent, imagination and work ethic.

Make a donation to Huron's Show Your Heart Project and look forward to seeing the young people you support in front of international movements and headlines.