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The following information outlines the printing and copying services available at the Huron Library.

  • Printing

  • It is possible to print from any of the computers found in the Information Commons or the Information Express at Huron Library.

    The Library offers black and white printing at a cost of 10 cents per printed page.

    To print:

    1. Log-in to a computer in the Information Commons or the Information Express using your Western identity username (i.e. jdoe) and password.
    2. Follow the prompts for printing in the program you are using (i.e. Word - File - Print).
    3. When you have finished printing your desired documents, log-off from the computer.
    4. Visit the print release station in the Information Commons.
    5. Insert change or a print card (available at the Circulation Desk) to activate the print release station.
    6. Enter your Western identity username (i.e. jdoe). This should be the same username you used in step 1 above. Hit Enter twice.
    7. A list of print jobs associated with your user name will appear.
    8. Select the print job(s) you would like to print.

    At this point in the process, funds will be debited (either from the change you entered in to the machine or from the print card) and your print job will appear on the printer.

    If you encounter any challenges with printing, please visit the Circulation Desk for assistance.

  • Wireless Printing

  • To use wireless printing please visit http://printeron.uwo.ca/cps/ 

    • Log-in to Printer On using your Western Identity username (i.e. jdoe) and password
    • Select a printer (i.e. edu-uwo-huron)
    • Follow the prompts for uploading your print job

    Note that selecting printer edu-uwo-huron will enable you to pick up your print job at either the Huron Library or Huron Computer Lab printer. To retrieve your print job log-in to the printer release station with your Western identity username (i.e. jdoe).

    It is also possible to email your print job to the Huron printer from your preferred device. 

    • Compose an email to uwo-huron@uwo.ca
    • Attach your document, file or web page to this email
    • At the public release station log-in with your email address
  • Scanning

  • The Huron Library has one scanner located in the InfoExpress room. The scanner is connected to our Access Station and priority use of this station is for patron's needing access to the assistive technology software installed here.

    When not in use, library patrons may use the scanner at no charge. For technical support, please consult the Help guide in the scanner's software.

  • Photocopying

  • There is one photocopier available for use at Huron Library, located in the Info Express.

    Photocopies are 10 cents per print page, black and white only.

    8.5"x11"(letter) and 8.5"x14"(legal) paper sizes are available.

    You may use coins (no pennies) or buy a photocopier debit card available from the Circulation Desk (available in $10 increments) to pay for photocopying.