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Licentiate in Theology (LTh)

Take the opportunity to deepen your knowledge through courses toward the new pre-degree diploma program, the Licentiate in Theology.

See our latest LTh brochure!
  • Course Requirements of the LTh

  • A total of 16 courses, with an overall average of 65%, will be needed for successful completion of the LTh. The courses will usually run for 6 weeks at 2-3 contact hours per week; however, on-line and intensive courses will also be offered.  

    Of the 16 courses, you will need to complete:
    • 2 in the core area of Theological Studies
    • 2 in the core area of Sacred Texts
    • 2 in the core area of History of Religion
    • 10 Electives
  • What Is the LTh?

  • This is a pre-degree diploma program intended for those who take seriously a call to Ministry while recognizing that "Ministry" is manifested in many diverse yet equal ways.  For example, the LTh may be:

    for your personal development,
    to deepen your knowledge for discipleship, or
    for those contemplating Ordained Ministry, or
    for those preparing for Diaconal Ministry, or
    for those already engaged in Ministry who are seeking to complement their education.

    Courses in the LTh program are also available individually to clergy and lay people.

    By entering into agreements with other theological educational institutions, Huron has ensured that students across Canada, and across denominational traditions, will have a full range of course options.

  • Upcoming Courses

  • Courses counting toward the LTh may also be taken by clergy and lay people individually, rather than toward the LTh.  Register for Huron LTh courses here.

    *Courses marked with * should contact St. George's Clarksburg to register. (see post at right)

    2018-19 Courses   (more to come!)

    *The Preacher's Toolbox
    with the Rev. Canon Dr. Todd Townshend, Dean of Theology
    September 22-23, 2018; Cost $300 (audit $150)
    Learn basic principles for proclamation and sharing of the Gospel within small groups and congregations.  This course is perfect anyone who would like a renewed, joyful confident in the Bible and a desire to share it with others.  For preachers and "non-preachers" alike!
    (Register at 519-599-3047 or administrator@stgeorgesclarksburg.ca; part of our Saugeens Theology Series, see brochure at right for details.  Billets available.)

    Congregational Leadership   POSTPONED (contact Huron to be put on interest list)
    with the Rev. Dr. James Sutton 
    Saturdays October 13, 20, 27, 2018, 9:30-12; 1-4:30 pm, at Huron
    Cost $300 (audit $150); phone Huron to reserve a spot 519.438.7224, ext. 289 or srice@uwo.ca
    (detailed course outline here)
    Learn to best use your leadership style to develop a good working relationship with other leaders and volunteers in your  community. 
    We will learn: 
    -to honour leadership, context and the past 
    -how to use individuals with different gifts to be active in ministries that are not the participant’s natural forte (team building and respectful working);
    -both the giving and taking of authority;
    -how to work with unintentional dragons, and other “popes” in the community:
    -how to deal with adult temper tantrums;
    -how to develop strategies for “which ditches we are prepared to die in”;
    -to examine the long term results of decision making;
    -the importance of strategic planning;
    -the theological/scriptural basis for community

    How Do We Interpret the Bible? 
    with Dr. Murray Watson
    October 20-21, 2018, Cost $300 (audit $150)
    Enjoy a survey of the history of methods of Biblical study and interpretation, beginning with Jewish methods, examining patristic and medieval approaches, delving into Reformation and early modern views, and extending into modern advocacy, literary and post-modern approaches.(Register at 519-599-3047 or administrator@stgeorgesclarksburg.ca; part of our Saugeens Theology Series, see brochure at right for details.  Billets available.)

    *Pastoral Care for Lay Leaders
    with the Rev. Dr. Brad Morrison
    November 17-18, 2018;  $300 (audit $150)
    An introduction to pastoral care for lay leaders.  You'll explore the theological, psychological and ethical concepts and practices needed for effective approaches to ministry in your home congregation.  An ideal course for congregations seeking to enable, equip and grow their outreach ministries.
    (Register at 519-599-3047 or administrator@stgeorgesclarksburg.ca; part of our Saugeens Theology Series, see brochure at right for details.  Billets available.)

    More courses for London coming!

    See also LTh courses available through Renison Institute of Ministry, Waterloo.

  • Admission & Application

  • Admission Requirement:
    Applicants must hold a secondary school graduation diploma or equivalent.

    Application form (pdf)
    Complete this application form and send it to us at least two weeks before each class is to begin.  (If this date has passed, contact the Faculty of Theology directly to see whether there is still space in the class.) 

    If there is insufficient registration in a course, that course will be cancelled and your fees refunded.

    If you must withdraw from the course during the course or during the two weeks prior to the course beginning, then we will credit your account with the course fee, and you may use this amount toward a future LTh course at Huron.
  • Cost

  • $300 per course (unless otherwise indicated on course description).

    Group discount:  (groups of 3 or more) $250 per person
                                (groups of 5 or more)  $250 per person minus $75

    Please register by 2 weeks before the beginning of class.  If the course has insufficient enrolment, it will be cancelled, and your fees will be refunded.  If you need to withdraw during the course or in the 2 weeks prior to the course beginning, we will credit you your course fees, and you may use them toward a future LTh course.

  • Further Questions?

  • Please feel free to contact us with any questions.

    For registration questions/problems:
    Sandra Rice
    at 519.438.7224, ext. 289

    For questions about the program itself, how it works, and how it can help you reach your goals:
    The Rev. Janet Anstead