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Challenging students to be Leaders with Heart requires hands-on learning. Whether it's community-based initiatives, service learning, or paid internships, Huron is committed to ensuring that each student has access to experiential opportunities that will help them build their portfolio of transferable skills required to excel in the workplace. 

Interested students?
Contact the Coordinator, Careers & Internships and schedule an appointment to get started! 

Interested employers? Please get in touch! The Coordinator, Careers & Internships is happy to meet to discuss your workplace's needs and find the right student or pool of candidates for the job. 

Why Hire Huron? 

  • The right fit for the right opportunity

  • We value fit. We value relationships. And we value community. It's imperative that we find the right student for the right position and that adequate supports are in place for community partners, employers, and students. That's the advantage of hiring Huron: Our students are a name, not a number.

    The same holds true for our industry and community partners. Our Coordinator, Careers and Internships will conduct check-ins during a placement at the start, mid-way, and conclusion because we understand and appreciate that your commitment to hiring Huron is a commitment to leadership with heart. We value that and are committed to ensuring that everyone wins in this partnership.
  • Leadership with Heart

  • Our students aren’t just involved in their communities, they’re passionate about making the world around them a better place. From student government, community engagement and service learning, to the Student Refugee Program run by Huron’s WUSC Chapter, Huron students leave their mark. The bottom line? A Huron student cares about where they live, learn, and work.
  • Proactive & Prepared

  • Conducting original research means data analysis, managing competing deadlines, information synthesis, project design and review, writing for a number of audiences, public engagement, and presentations with community members and peers. Creativity, passion, and curiosity come together so you're hiring a lifelong learner who is proactive and prepared. 

    When students take part in internships and experiential opportunities they receive training in advance and understand that as ambassadors of one of the oldest university's in Canada, they are also joining a professional community and need to behave accordingly. 
  • Mature & Motivated

  • Our strategically small size means that our students show up ready to participate, learn, and most importantly, listen. There’s no hiding in a large lecture; we expect students to demonstrate engagement from Day 1. It’s a rigorous model of learning that provides your workplace with a committed team member who understands the value of sharing ideas and learning from peers. 
  • Big questions, new directions, cooperation

  • A Huron student doesn’t just ask the big questions, they ask the questions no one has thought of yet. Ask our professors: in-class discussions are lively conversations and often steer faculty research in exciting new directions. That’s the power of critical thinking and active learning, combined with teamwork and community. Everyone contributes, everyone wins.
  • Strategic soft skills that connect with clients and tell your story

  • A Huron student has the soft skills required to make any workplace thrive. Whether it’s effectively telling your product’s story, connecting with clients, or selling an idea to a new customer base, Huron students are strategic problem solvers with a human touch. 
  • Tax Credits & Funding

  • These are intended as guidelines only and are not intended to replace the current tax legislation.

    • The Co-operative Education Tax Credit (CETC) is a refundable tax credit available to eligible businesses that employ post-secondary students enrolled in qualifying co-operative education programs at eligible educational institutions.
    • In Ontario, the Co-operative Education Tax Credit allows you to deduct 25% - 30% of salaries, wages, and benefits to a maximum of $3,000 for each qualifying work term (4 months).

    An eligible employer includes all corporations or unincorporated businesses with permanent establishments in Ontario subject to Ontario corporate income tax or Ontario personal income tax.  Members of a partnership may share the CETC for each qualifying work placement.  Limited partners are not entitled to this credit; however, the general partners of a limited partnership are entitled to share the credit.

  • Employer Resources: On-Campus Info Sessions

  • We are happy to host employers for on-campus information sessions that provide Huron students with details regarding upcoming openings, workplace culture, and is an excellent way to connect with candidates in the early stages of a recruitment cycle.

    Contact Huron's Coordinator, Careers & Internships to organize an information session. In addition,
    the Coordinator will book a location on Huron's campus, work with Marketing & Communications to advertise the session to the student body, and make arrangements for your parking and AV needs.

  • Employer Resources: On-Campus Interviews

  • If a Huron student is interviewed for an internship/professional position at your company, an on-campus interview can be arranged (along with parking accommodations) can be arranged through the Coordinator, Careers & Internships. Please give the Coordinator one week's notice so that the candidate can be informed, a time confirmed, and a room booked.

    Thank you for hiring Huron!