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Huron is the second Canadian university and the only Ontario post-secondary institution to collaborate with Harvard Business School's HBX Credential of Readiness (CORe) program.

HBX CORe provides students from all backgrounds with a chance to gain the fundamentals of business thinking. Much like Huron, HBX CORe is driven by interactive peer-to-peer engagement and committed to student success: financial aid is available, helping ensure that promising students do not face barriers to access.

  • How to Apply?

  • Huron HBX CORe applicants must be internally interviewed prior to applying on the HBX website. We do this to ensure that applicants are in extremely good academic standing and are aware of and ready for the time commitments this immersive program demands. 

    Please complete this form and submit it to Britney Podolinsky at bpodolin@uwo.ca

  • HBX CORe: The Courses

  • Student are enrolled in three courses built around the case method of instruction, which they take at the same time (bundled) or individually. Please note that HBX CORe is a complement to your Huron education; the courses are not for credit. 

    The three courses (all of which have been designed by Harvard Business School faculty) are: 

    Business Analytics
    Economics for Managers
    Financial Accounting 
  • How long does CORe take?

  • HBX CORe has multiple intakes throughout the year. The length of study can be anywhere from 8 to 17 weeks. However, course requirements and curriculum remain the same, but the necessary hours per week a student must dedicate to the program shifts. To see an example of an accelerated CORe calendar, click here

    Successful applicants may take CORe as a bundled package, in which all three courses are taken at the same time or they may take each course individually. If a student chooses to pursue their Credential of Readiness on a course-by-course basis, they have two years to complete the program. 

  • Costs & Financial Aid

  • Thanks to Huron's position as a collaborating institution with Harvard Business School, three levels of Financial Aid are available to HBX CORe participants. For more information, please contact the Coordinator, Careers and Internships.

    The bundled HBX CORe program costs $1,950 USD.

    The unbundled/course-by-course HBX CORe program costs $1,500 USD/course. 
  • Grading & Earning your Credential of Readiness

  • HBX CORe grades are based on participation—written contributions on our course platform—and performance on module quizzes and the in-person final exam. The three-hour, multiple choice final exam is a closed book, computer-based assessment that has been created by HBS faculty and is administered at one of 4,800 Pearson VUE test centers worldwide. More information on HBX final exams and VUE locations is available here.

    A passing exam score on all three courses is required in order to earn the CORe credential. 

    Grades are provided at both the individual course level (i.e. Business Analytics, Economics for Managers, and Financial Accounting) and the program level. Students who complete and pass all three courses will receive a passing grade for CORe and earn the Credential of Readiness. For our highest achievers, we offer Honors and High Honors distinctions. 

    Once your grades have been released, you may request an official transcript. The electronic transcript lists your CORe program grade and course-level grades and will be delivered directly to the employer or institution you identify in your request.