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Meet your Dons

Ms. Nourhan El Dahan

Senior Head Don, Residence Life I promise you're going to feel at home here. That's your Dons' number one priority, and we love our jobs! See Nourhan's full profile

Mr. Abdullah Sulyman

Senior Don, Residence Life Living in residence creates endless opportunities to meet new people - it's awesome! See Abdullah's full profile

Ms. Ashley Landesman

Senior Don, Residence Life Huron prepares you to excel - no matter where you're headed: come live and study in a place that challenges you to be your best. See Ashley's full profile

Mr. Taylor Lowe

Senior Head Don, Residence Life Even though I'm studying at Ivey this year, Huron is still my home and I want to make it feel that way for all my residents. See Taylor's full profile

Mr. Colin Finnie

Residence Don, Residence Life Residence is the perfect place to get to know your new classmates, teammates and connections who help get you where you want to go. See Colin's full profile

Mr. Parbon Khan

Residence Don, Residence Life I want my residents to ask me anything, and feel free to come play pool when you need a break from studying! See Parbon's full profile

Ms. Siobhan Girard

Residence Don, Residence Life At Huron, you have an amazing community - in your classes, residence and across campus. It's a great place for students to be.  See Siobhan's full profile

Mr. Nicholas Gil

Residence Don, Residence Life Huron offers everything you need for the best student experience. Small classes, big activities and teams, and so much more. See Nicholas's full profile

Mr. Trevor Wright

Senior Don, Residence Life Dons have the unique opportunity to really get to know our students and see how Huron helps mold them into pretty incredible people. See Trevor's full profile

Mr. Cole Granger

Residence Don, Residence Life We put on a lot of great activities and events, so our students get to know each other in a way that helps them build awesomes network.  See Cole's full profile

Mr. Jawad Hossain

Senior Don, Residence Life When you stay in residence, you have a ton of chances to get involved on campus and meet people. Don't underestimate it! See Jawad's full profile

Mr. Jesse de Dreu

Senior Don, Residence Life No matter where you're from, you'll find safe, exciting and life-changing experiences at Huron. See Jesse's full profile