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Huron University College guarantees residence to all first-year students who meet the deadline (June 1, 2018) for residence application and deposit.

For more information about living in residence, please check out our 2018-19 Residence Handbook.
  • Housing

  • About The Residences

    Residence Occupancy Room Type Student Type
    O'Neil/Ridley Hall 185 Single Primarily First Year
    Hellmuth Hall 57 Single Primarily First Year
    56 Single (Suite-Style) First & Upper Year
    Cronyn House 8 Single Upper Year


  • Moving In


    First year students move-in to Huron on Monday, September 3, 2018:


    O’Neil/Ridley – 8:30-10:30 a.m. 

    Hellmuth Hall – 10:30-11:30 a.m. 

    Southwest – 11:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m. 

    (Upper Year and Graduate / Professional Students may move in Wednesday, September 5, 2018, or 24 hours before their first class, which ever comes first.).

     No early move-ins permitted. 

    Orientation Sophs, a volunteer committee of enthusiastic and committed upper year students, will be at Huron to greet you and direct you to registration areas. There will be many Sophs available on September 3rd to make your move-in as enjoyable and efficient as possible. The following are some tips you might want to consider before the big day:

    • If the individuals who are driving you to London are planning to stay in the city overnight, you should encourage them to make their hotel bookings early. 
    • Please ensure that all of your items are securely packed (preferably in boxes) so that student volunteers, who will assist you with the move, will be able to move all of your items quickly and efficiently to your room. 
    • We recommend that you mark all of your items with your first and last name as well as room number and building, to prevent any misdirection of boxes.  
    • Do not bring family pets.  
    • Dress in casual and comfortable attire (especially shoes).


      Responsibility for Contents

      You will receive a room inventory form at check-in; please complete it carefully with your Don. The completed form is retained by the Department of Student Engagement as a check against loss of or damage to the room and/or its contents at the end of the year. 

      The Department of Student Engagement holds you financially responsible for any damage or loss to your room or its contents, and also for the cleanliness of the room upon vacating. 

      If you are assigned to suite-style accommodations, you are jointly responsible, with the other occupants of the suite, for cleaning, damage or losses to the shared lounge space in the suite. 

      You will be invoiced for losses, damage, special cleaning or maintenance required as a result of your period of residency.
      For more information about living in residence, please check out our 2017-18 Residence Handbook.

      Click here for a list of 'What To Bring' with you.

      Click here for information about purchasing residence linens.

      • Residence Life Program

      • Moving into a new community and a new way of living can be a challenge, but the Residence Life Program at Huron has been set up to make that transition as smooth as possible. For one thing, there are people here to help. There are fifteen members of Huron's Residence Life Staff, who live with you in the residence and are trained to maintain an environment conducive to sleep, study and the well-being of the residents; ensure the enforcement of the residence regulations and guidelines; provide residents with advice and resources regarding all aspects of university life; and participate as full members of the residence community. What's more, they have all been, at one time or another, exactly where you are now: a little nervous, a little excited, and full of questions about university and living in residence.



        When you move into residence at Huron, one of the first people you will meet is your Don. Dons are experienced upper-year students who wish to live in residence in order to provide a leadership role on their floor or in their house. They are willing advisors and resource people, and are available to talk about any social, academic, or personal concerns you might have. Dons help to enforce the residence rules and college standards so that you can sleep, study and socialize comfortably. Dons also organize social and academic programs under the direction of the Head Dons which will entertain you, give you the opportunity to meet new people, inform you on a range of student related issues, relieve you of stress, and maximize your enjoyment of residence life.


        Head Dons

        The Huron Residence Life Staff has two Head Dons, one of whom lives in Hellmuth and the other in O'Neil/Ridley. These students are generally in the third or fourth year of their University degree and have had experience as a resident and as a member of a Residence Life Staff team. One of the keys to successful residence living is academic and social programming, for which the Head Dons are responsible. Because of their experience, the Head Dons are able to provide support and leadership to the Dons and assist the Residence Managers with the day-to-day operation of the Residence Life Program.


        Residence Manager

        The day-to-day management of our Residence Life Program is handled by our Residence Manager. The Residence Manager is a professional or graduate student who has had experience with residence living and is committed to ensuring that residents have exceptional residence experiences. The Residence Manager is responsible for the supervision and training of the Dons, building management, advising residents, and handling conduct and discipline issues. The Residence Manager reports directly to the Director of Housing and Student Life.

      FAQs Residence


      • I am having some technical difficulties completing the online form. Where can I get help?

      • If you are having problems with the online application form, please contact Housing and Student Life at huronrez@uwo.ca for help.
      • What happens if I don't indicate 3 choices for residence on my application?

      • If you don't select three different choices for your residence preference, the computer will reject your answer and randomly assign a room without consideration of your choices.
      • If I mail in my application early, will I get my first choice?

      • No. All applications that are received by the June 1st, 2017, deadline are given equal consideration. It is critical that your complete application and deposit arrive on time so you should not wait until the last minute. We encourage you to mail your application and your payment information well before the deadline. If you are getting close to the deadline we highly suggest you send all the documents, photo and deposit by courier to ensure we receive it by the deadline. You can email us at huronrez@uwo.ca to confirm that all required forms have been received.
      • Can I pay my deposit with a credit card online?

      • No. You must pay your deposit by cheque, or bank draft, or money order, or cash. You can send it by mail or bring it directly to the Department of Student Engagement at Huron.
      • What do I have to send to Huron for my application to be complete?

      • First you must complete your "Application for Admission to Huron Residence 2017-2018" form along with the "Emergency Contact" form, the "Payment Information" form, one current photo (approximately 2x2 in size), and your $750 deposit and submit it either by mail, courier or deliver in person. Please DO NOT fax copies to our office. All of these forms can be found on the Residence Application Form link.

        These are the minimum requirements. The optional forms (i.e. Special Needs Accommodation Request, Southwest Residence Lifestyle Floor Option) must also arrive at the Department of Student Engagement
        Office by 4:00 PM on June 1st, 2017 to be considered.
      • How do I know that my forms and my deposit were received?

      • You can email huronrez@uwo.ca to confirm receipt.

      Residence Guarantee

      • Is residence guaranteed?

      • If you indicated that you are interested in living in residence on your OUAC application, you will receive an instruction sheet for the online residence application procedures with your offer of admission letter. The residence application and deposit must be received at Huron by June 1st, 2017 (before 4:00 PM) in order to maintain the residence guarantee.
      • What happens if my application and deposit arrive after 4:00 PM on June 1st, 2018?

      • You are not guaranteed a room in residence. You will automatically be placed on a waiting list. All of the residence applications that arrived on time will be processed. If there are any rooms still available, they will be given to the students on the waiting list in the order that the late applications were received. There can be no exceptions.
      • What can I do if I miss the deadline for residence applications?

      • You can complete the residence application and submit your deposit and you will be placed on the waiting list. Your deposit will not be processed until we offer you a room and you accept. In the meantime, we recommend that you consider other options. You can check for off campus housing through Western's Off Campus Housing Service: http://www.has.uwo.ca/housing/offcampus/
      • Can I live at Western's main campus residences?

      • Huron students are not eligible to live in Western residences and must live in one of Huron's 3 residences if they choose to live on campus.
      • What is a UWO e-mail account?

      • All students registered at Huron and UWO receive a FREE computer account, e-mail address and personal web space.

      Visiting the Residences Before Move-In Day

      • Can I see residence?

      • Residence tours are part of the Huron tour which is facilitated by student tour guides and scheduled at 11:30 a.m. Monday to Friday. Tour Guides will take students into O'Neil/Ridley and Hellmuth Hall to see the general layout and an example room. Residence tours are also scheduled during the fall and spring open houses and rooms are available for viewing on these days.
      • Can I see my room before move-in day?

      • No. The residences are used by conference services until we reopen in September. We do not allow any students into the residences before move-in day.
      • What will my room look like?

      • You can go to Huron's 'Contact' webpage to view the  "Huron 360 Virtual Tour". You will be directed to a map and you can click on any of the red dots to bring up virtual tours of rooms in O'Neil/Ridley, Hellmuth and Southwest.

      Single Room Inquiries

      • How many single rooms does Huron have? How do I get a single room?

      • As of September 2018, the majority of Huron's residence rooms are single rooms.

        Hellmuth Scholarship holders are awarded their preference for building. Students with an average of 93% or greater at the time of admission are eligible to apply for housing on the Scholar's Floor in the Southwest Building. Students with an average of 82% or higher at the time of admission are eligible to apply for housing on the Quiet Study floor in the Southwest Building. There are only 20 rooms available on each of the lifestyle floors in Southwest.
      • Can I appeal my room assignment?

      • No. All room assignments are final. There are no waiting lists for specific rooms or buildings.
      • Can I select my suitemates if my first choice is Southwest?

      • No, you cannot choose suitemates for the Southwest Residence.


      • What is my mailing address?

      • Mail should be addressed in the following format:

        Your Name
        c/o Huron University College
        Room # ___, Residence Building (i.e. Room #313 O'Neil/Ridley)
        1349 Western Road,
        London, ON N6G 1H3
      • Where will I pick-up my mail?

      • Mail is delivered to each mailbox daily. The mailboxes are located within the Parking and Mail Room Office in the Huron Dining Hall. You will be given a mail key when you arrive at Huron and the Residence Life Staff will show you where the mailboxes are located.

      Internet-Email Account

      • How do I connect to the internet at Huron?

      • All residence rooms in Hellmuth, O'Neil/Ridley, Southwest and Cronyn House are equipped with network data jacks. You must provide your own ethernet cable. You will have access to RezNet which is a campus-wide network that extends high speed internet access to your room.
      • Do I have to pay for my internet service?

      • The cost of this service is included in your residence fees. It is $360 for 8 months.
      • Can I opt out of RezNet?

      • No. The Reznet service is part of your residence fee.
      • Is there wireless access in residence?

      • Yes. Directions on how to use the wireless service are included in the Reznet Handbook.
      • What is a Western e-mail account?

      • All students registered at Huron and Western receive a FREE computer account, e-mail address and personal web space.
      • How do I activate my Western email account?

      • All registered Huron and Western students receive a FREE computer account, e-mail address and personal web space. You must activate your computer account by going to: http://www.uwo.ca/its/identity/activation.html
        You will need your Western student # and Access Code (formerly called PIN). Follow the directions on the screen to obtain your one-time use password and then log in to Western Identity Manager using the one-time password and create your permanent password. Make sure you record your user name and password for future reference. You will need this information to check your email, get your timetable and marks online, and register your computer for RezNet and wireless access.


      • Will I have a phone in my room?

      • There is a phone line in each of the rooms but students are responsible for bringing their own handsets and setting up their accounts with Bell or Rogers or any other land line provider. The cost of phone services is not included in your residence fees.
      • How will the service person access my room to connect my phone?

      • You will not be able to have a service person access your room until move in day. If you are in class when a service person is scheduled to come, you can complete and sign a waiver form at the Information Desk permitting the Information Desk staff to allow Bell or Rogers access to your room. Once the work is completed Bell or Rogers will sign out at the Information Desk


      • Can I get cable TV in my room?

      • You can set up an account directly with Roger's Cable for this service. The cost of cable is not included in your residence fees and you must arrange this yourself.
      • How will the service person access my room to connect my cable?

      • You will not be able to have a service person access your room until move in day. If you are in class when a service person is scheduled to come, you can complete and sign a waiver form at the Information Desk permitting the Information Desk staff to allow Bell or Rogers access to your room. Once the work is completed Bell or Rogers will sign out at the Information Desk


      • Are there washers and dryers in the residences?

      • Yes. There are washers and dryers on the bottom floor of each residence. They are card operated.
      • When will I receive my laundry card?

      • Each student that lives in residence at Huron will receive one card when you arrive. The card works basically like a debit card for doing laundry. The cost is $1.50 per load.
      • How do I load my laundry card?

      • You control the balance on your card, by adding funds as needed. The Reload Kiosk is conveniently located within the Student Activities Centre (SAC), beside the ATM. 
        You are able to load your laundry card using debit or credit card, up to a maximum value of $99.00.
        Place your laundry card in the reload centre card holder and wait for the green light and tone to get started. Then carefully follow the instructions on the display.
        Please make note that you can also purchase new or additional laundry cards at this Kiosk. If you accidentally purchase a new laundry card, you will not be eligible for a refund.
      • What happens if I lose my card?

      • Treat your laundry card like cash. If you lose or damage your card, the balance on your card will be lost. Laundry card can be replacement and additional cards can be purchased at the Reload Kiosk for $10.00. The Kiosk is located within the Student Activities Centre (SAC), beside the ATM. You are able to purchase a laundry card using debit or credit card.


      • What furniture is in the rooms when I arrive?

      • You will have a standard single bed and mattress, desk, chair, dresser, wastebasket, corkboard, bookshelves, mirror, window blinds and either a built in closet or wardrobe.
      • What size are the beds?

      • All of the beds in residence have a standard sized single mattress. There are no extra long beds.
      • May I bring my own furniture?

      • You may bring furniture if it will fit in your residence room, however, under no circumstance can you remove the existing furniture from the room.


      • What size of refrigerator can I put in my room?

      • The refrigerator should be 3 cu.ft. or less with maximum dimensions: 19.25" deep X 18" wide X 25" high.

      • The refrigerator that I saw in the department store is 3.2 cu. ft.. Will this be permitted?

      • Yes. There is some flexibility but the unit must be compact. You would be asked to remove any unit that was visibly oversized.

      • Can I bring a toaster?

      • No. Toasters violate the fire and safety standards and are strictly forbidden.
      • Do any of the rooms in residence have kitchens?

      • No. There are no kitchens in the first year residence rooms or in the first year suites. All students must have a meal plan with the Huron Dining Hall.
      • Can I have a kettle in my room?

      • You can have a kettle with an automatic shut off.
      • Can I have a microwave in my room?

      • No. Microwaves, rice cookers, indoor grills, hot pots, hot plates and toaster ovens violate the fire and safety standards and are strictly forbidden.
      • What appliances am I allowed to bring?

      • Here is a list of some items that are acceptable to bring:
        •  kettles with automatic shut off  
        •  hair dryers and curling irons  
        •  small fan  
        •  stereos and TVs  
        •  lamps  
        •  computers  
        •  electric razors 
        •  compact refrigerators (3.0 cu.ft.)
        •  single serve coffee makers (eg: Tassimo, Keurig)

        Please be sure you take a look the list of 'What to Bring'.


      • Are the houses available to first year students?

      • No. Cronyn House is only available to upper year students.
      • Are there appliances?

      • There is a refrigerator, stove, microwave and dishwasher in each of the houses. Students are responsible for keeping these appliances clean and in good working order.
      • Are there laundry facilities?

      • Yes. Each house has a card operated washer and dryer in the basement.
        You control the balance on your card, by adding funds as needed. The Reload Kiosk is conveniently located within the Student Activities Centre (SAC), beside the ATM. 

      • Are the houses furnished?

      • Yes. Each house is fully furnished in the common areas and there is a bed, dresser and desk in each of the rooms.
      • Is there a TV?

      • Yes. There is a TV in the common area of each house. The cable for the TV is paid
        for by Huron. You must bring your own TV if you want one in your room.
      • Are there dishes and pots and pans?

      • No. The students living in the house must provide their own cooking utensils and dishes.
      • Who cleans the houses?

      • Students are responsible for keeping the houses tidy and washing their dishes; this includes both their rooms and the common areas. Huron’s housekeeping staff clean the bathrooms 3 times per week and vacuum the common areas twice a week.
      • Who takes care of the building maintenance?

      • Any problems with appliances, heating, plumbing or structure are to be reported immediately to the Director of Housing and Student Life for follow-up.
      • Can the houses be toured?

      • An Open House is arranged at the end of January each year so that upper year students can tour the houses. Students will be advised of the Open House date when it is set.
      • Is internet available?

      • Cronyn House has network data jacks installed in the residence rooms to connect student’s computers directly to the Western campus network. If you live in one of the houses other than Cronyn, connectivity is available through Rogers, Bell or Western. You must arrange for this service yourself.
      • Is there a meal plan for students living in houses?

      • Since students have the opportunity to cook for themselves, a meal plan is not required. However, the Minimum Meal Plan is a lower cost option for those students who would like to have access to Huron’s Dining Hall.
      • Can students opt in or out of the meal plan?

      • If they are living in a house students can sign up for a meal plan after their application has been processed, however, they should do so prior to September as the plans are not prorated once the school year starts. If they sign up for a plan and want to opt out completely, they must do so prior to September 1st. Once a meal plan has been activated there are no refunds. The only thing that could be done at that point is to reduce to a lower plan but if they are already on the Minimum Meal Plan, there is nothing that can be done.
      • What is the cost of living in a house?

      • The fees that are in place for the current academic year are posted under Future Students, Money Matters and include heat and hydro. The fees for the upcoming year will be available in early April. Students can contact the Director Student Engagement for these fees in April.
      • When are residence applications due for upper year students?

      • You must submit your residence application by March 16th with your deposit and a passport sized photo.
      • When do upper year students find out if they have been accepted into residence?

      • Students will find out the status of their residence applications in mid March.