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  • 2018-2019 Registration

  • Click here for information on course registration.
  • Convocation

  • Click here  for Western's Convocation website to apply to graduate, order tickets, find your ceremony date, and more.
  • Intent to Register

  • Please see our main ITR site

    The Steps involved in ITR

    Step 1: Look at the Degree Checklists to see what courses are needed.

    Step 2: Print your “Web Academic Report” off of Student Centre to see what courses you have already completed from your degree checklist.

    Step 3: Obtain any Special Permissions you may need.

    Step 4: Attend the “ITR Help Session” workshop or the ITR Speed Advising Sessions.

    Step 5: Log into Student Centre and complete the process

  • Verification Letters

  • Click here to download a pdf version of the verification letter request form.

    A verification letter is an official document prepared and sealed by the Registrar's Office used for various purposes. A verification letter may be ordered through the Office of the Registrar, Room W25 or by completing the statement letter request form and faxing it to 519-438-3800.

    What can they be used for? 
    • Proof of current or past enrolment 
    • Verification of upcoming graduation (regular processing only) 
    • Visa letters (for international students, must be indicated on form)

    What can't we put on the letter? 
    • Student grades (need to order a transcript or grade report through the Registrar's Office at UWO) 
    • List of courses taken

    Information required to fill out form: 

    • Full name and student number 
    • Full or part-time status, academic career, and faculty 
    • Daytime telephone number 
    • Purpose of the Verification letter. For example, to confirm a student's enrolment, or graduation. (Please be detailed in regards to the purpose of the letter -- more is better!) 
    • Number of copies, fax number (if applicable) and/or mailing address

    Fees and processing time: 
    • $10.00 per copy 
    • Completed in 4-5 business days 
    • Extra $3.00 for faxing

    Fees are payable with VISA, Mastercard, or with cash or debit card at W25.

    How Can I Verify My Degree Conferred?

    AuraData is a Canadian company specializing in secure online degree verification. AuraData will be able to verify online, 24 hours a day/7 days a week, the degree completion status of students who have graduated from Western within the last 20 years. Specifically, AuraData subscribers will be able to verify the following public information (as per Western's "Official Student Record Information Privacy Policy"):

    * Degree, diploma or certificate 
    * Date of Convocation 
    * Major, Minor, Specialization 
    * Dean's Honor List or Graduate with Distinction achievements

    Any verification requests that cannot be matched based on the information provided by the subscriber will be referred back to Western's Office of the Registrar for follow-up.

    •  Click here to visit AuraData's website.
  • Transcripts

  • All requests for official transcripts must be made through The University of Western Ontario Registrar's Office in the new Western Student Services Building, Room 1120.

    Click here for more information and to order transcripts online.
  • Scholarships

  • Master's-level Scholarships

    For more information, click here.

    Bachelor's-level Scholarships

    Huron University College rewards academic excellence and provides a number of automatic scholarships as well as scholarships that require an application. Huron guarantees a scholarship to any Canadian secondary school applicant with a final admission average of 85% or higher.

    Huron's Hellmuth Scholarships

    Huron awards 10 Hellmuth Scholarships valued at $30,000 over four years to outstanding entering students.

    Huron requires applicants to be a Canadian citizen or landed immigrant and present:

    • a strong academic record in a wide variety of courses from the liberal arts and sciences;
    • outstanding achievement in volunteer/community service, athletics, the arts, and/or student life.
    Recipients normally have a midterm average of 90% or better.

    The deadline for applications for the Hellmuth Scholarships program is February 20, 2015.

    Click here to download the Hellmuth Scholarship Application.

    Huron Scholars Group

    In addition, all Hellmuth Scholarship winners are guaranteed their choice of building and room within residence and automatically become members of the "Huron Scholars Group". This group brings together high achieving students who hold renewable entrance scholarships and senior scholarships at Huron. Members of the group are invited to a September reception and are kept informed of extra-curricular activities, award competitions, graduate application workshops, and other opportunities.

    Automatic Entrance Scholarships

    Applicants with a final admission average* of 85.0% or higher are guaranteed an automatic entrance award from Huron University College as follows:

    Final Admission Average*

         Value of Award

    85.00 to 89.99


    90.00 to 92.99


    93.00 and above



    * Final admission average is calculated using best six final grades (including any required courses for the program to which the student has applied) for courses completed by June 30.

    ** $1,500 per year for four years, provided the student maintains a minimum average of 80% on 5.0 courses during the regular academic term.

    *** $2,000 per year for four years, provided the student maintains a minimum average of 80% on 5.0 courses during the regular academic term.

    **** $2,500 per year for four years, provided the student maintains a minimum average of 80% on 5.0 courses during the regular academic term.

    International Scholarships
    • International (Visa) students with strong entrance averages will be considered for these awards valued at $1,500 to $10,000 per year

    • these awards are renewable provided the student maintains a minimum average of 80% on 5.0 courses during the regular academic term

    Scholarships for Huron Students
  • Tuition & Fees

  • Click here to learn more about tuition & fees.