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Welcome Parents!

Parents are a big part of the Huron community and we welcome your involvement. Several resources will help you get to know Huron and keep you connected to campus life:

We would like to extend a warm welcome to the parents of our incoming students.  Please click here for our parents' newsletter
Visit Important Dates 2018/2019
to remember to keep up with the ebb and flow of the academic year. The academic year is only eight months long and April will be here in the blink of an eye.
Huron is about the experience as well as the education. Visit Student Life to see what our campus community is like.

Huron prepares students for a world of possibilities and our alumni are proof. More than half of Huron students go on to graduate or professional schools across Canada and around the world. As part of its ongoing commitment and service to alumni and senior students, Huron is pleased to provide career information and advice which highlights the accomplishments of Huron alumni. The Career and Mentoring Programs offered through our Alumni and Community Development Office are a terrific resource to both current students and alumni.

Click here for a list of various campus and city resources available to students.