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International study on a letter of permission (LOP) and the exchange program are different, but also similar. The list below will help explain key differences and help inform your decision.

  • LOP vs Exchange

  • Exchange LOP
    Tuition Tuition is paid to Huron which waives the student from paying international student fees. Tuition is paid directly to the school where the student will be studying and international student fees apply.
    Destinations Limited to schools that Huron and Western have exchange agreements with. Any school that the student is interested in.
    Term of Study One semester or full academic year. From a few weeks to a full year.
    Process Apply through Huron and go through selection process. Apply directly to the school and complete a letter of permission (LOP) with an Academic Advisor.
  • Planning for LOP Opportunities


  • Planning for a full-year of study at another university should begin early in the previous academic year and, where needed, students should seek advice from Academic Advisors and/or Coordinator, Student Mobility. Whereas our exchange programs are organized and administered by Huron, an LOP Study Abroad program is arranged by the student.

    Step by Step Guide

    Step 1. Find a Country

    Decide where you would like to attend university, and search the web for university Internet addresses in that country. Search the web-sites of these universities for specific information about the availability of suitable courses and programs. Alternatively, send a written request to the university for an academic calendar.

    Step 2. Research and Obtain Information

    Contact the Registrar's Office or Admissions Office of the university you are interested in attending by mail, fax, or e-mail, requesting information about admission as an international student. You will need to clarify that the university is willing to admit an international student for the duration you have in mind (a full year, half-year, semester, summer term, etc.).

    Step 3. Organize Course Information

    Gather what information you can (from the web-site or university calendar) about the courses in which you wish to enrol at the university you have selected. You will need to establish the course content, the academic level of the course, and the duration of the course.

    Step 4. Get Approval from Huron

    Schedule a meeting with an academic advisor to discuss your plan to study abroad, and present your information about courses for approval. Without this approval you run the risk of not being granted academic credit for the courses selected.

    If you subsequently enroll in any course that has not been approved in writing by the Department Chair, it is your responsibility to seek the relevant approval at the earliest opportunity (via mail, fax, or e-mail).

    Step 5. Apply for Admission

    Apply for admission as an international student to the university you have selected.

    Step 6. Make Travel Arrangements

    It is your responsibility to make all travel and housing arrangements, to apply for the necessary visa(s) and to purchase adequate medical insurance.

    Step 7. Order Transcripts

    Before returning to Canada, you must request that the university's Registrar's Office send an academic transcript to the academic advising office. Your transcripts will be forwarded to the Huron Registrar's Office on your behalf.

    Step 8. Check your Grades

    Upon returning to Canada, it is your responsibility to check that the Registrar's Office at Huron has received the academic transcript in good order.
  • LOP Checklist

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