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Disabled Card Reactivation Request

If your parking card for the Huron Lot has become disabled, you have 10 business days from the date the card was disabled to submit this form and make a Reactivation Request to reactivate your card without charge. During the 10 business days your parking card will be enabled to give you time to submit the reactivation request.

If you choose not to submit this form, after 10 business days your parking card will be automatically disabled until you pay the $40 reactivation fee. You will not be allowed to submit a Reactivation Request after the 10 business days are up.

You will be notified of the decision regarding your request within three business days of submission. Decisions are final.

*Date when card disabled:

*Vehicle Make
*Vehicle Colour
*Vehicle license plate #

*Describe what caused card to be disabled.