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Financial Aid/Bursaries for Masters Students
The Faculty of Theology is pleased to assist full-time students in the MDiv, MTS, and and part-time and full-time graduate MA students with their studies.

OSAP, work-study, and other assistance are also available through Huron.
  • MTS and MDiv Financial Aid

  • The Faculty of Theology offers financial aid/bursaries to MDiv and MTS students on the basis of need, with attention to the guidelines of the Association of Theological Schools. Full-time M.Div. or MTS students in any year of the programs should submit an application by May 31 for assistance in the coming year. In considering applications, first priority will be given to students sponsored by a diocese of the Anglican Communion; others will receive assistance if sufficient funds are available.

    Deadline:  May 31 each year

    Form:  download here (pdf)

  • MTS & MDiv Scholarships, Awards, Prizes

  • These scholarships, prizes, and awards are awarded by the Faculty of Theology Committee and are usually announced at the end of the school year. There are currently 14 such prizes/scholarships awarded (and 1 B.Th.), with the prizes ranging from $150 to $3,000.

    • Fisher Scholarships for 1st-year and 2nd-year M.Div. students with highest averages
    • Faculty of Theology Prize for Academic Distinction for a graduating student
    • Irish Benevolent Society Prizes (Archdeacon Alford Abraham Prize for Homiletics; Canon Maurice Farr Prize for Pastoral Care, The Rev. Captain Bill Bennett Prize for a Mature Student)
    • Luxton Prize in New Testament
    • The John Morden Scholarship for the full-time, returning student who contributed most to the spiritual life and welfare of the College
    • Brotherhood of Anglican Churchmen Scholarship in Old Testament Archbishop Peers Prize in Biblical Languages
    • The Rev. Dr. D. Jay Koyle Prize in Liturgics
    • The Very Rev. Leslie B. Jenkins Prize in Systematic Theology
    • St. Mark's by-the-Lake Scholarship for Christian Leadership for a full-time second year MTS or M.Div. student
    • The Clarence M. Foltz Scholarship in Spiritual Development awarded to a graduating student.
  • Graduate MA (Theology) Bursaries

  • Students receiving these bursaries must apply for departmental work.  See the Faculty. This bursary support is available both to Canadian and to international students.

    Bursary support continues through the normal length of the degree (2 years for full-time and 3 years for part-time students).

    Currently, the program offers a $2,000 bursary per academic Term to full-time students, for the six terms of the program. This support can be supplemented by earnings from graduate-level employment, typically at the rate of $15 per hour to a maximum of 10 hours per week, for instance as a Research or Marking Assistant.

    A $500 bursary is currently given to qualifying part-time students.

  • Graduate Gov't Scholarships--OGS, CGS, SSHRC

  • These substantial Canadian and Ontario Government scholarships are available each year.

    OGS (Ontario Graduate Scholarship) 
    This $15,000 scholarship is for those in, or moving to, a graduate master's or doctoral degree. Apply online between October 3/16 and January 24/17 by 4 pm, if you are a current Western graduate student remaining at Western or applying to a Western graduate program.  Otherwise, contact the university where you plan to take your graduate degree.  Deadlines are set by the universities.

    Check for details
    about the competition, eligibility and how to apply, see here.
    Western Support for Scholarship Applications here.

    SSHRC (Social Science & Humanities Research Council) Doctoral
    CGSD (Canada Graduate Scholarship Doctoral)

    These $20,000 to $35,000 scholarships have one online application, which is then printed, signed, and turned into the individual graduate program office where you currently are a student. 
    Theology's deadline is October 30, 2016.

    Check for details about the competition here.
    Western Support for Scholarship Applications here.

    CGSM (Canada Graduate Scholarship Masters)
    This $17,500 scholarship is for those in, or moving to, a graduate master's degree.  Applicants submit an online Research Portal application.  Deadline is December 1, 2015, before 8 pm

    Check for details
    , how to apply, & eligibility for the competition here. 
    Western Support for Scholarship Applications here.

    Other national, provincial, etc. scholarships can be found on this page, under "Funding Opportunities."  Check out Provincial Scholarship, National Scholarship, and International Student Scholarship Opportunities.

    Thinking of Studying Abroad? See Funding Opportunities > International Study Opportunities for awards available for those studying abroad.