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At the end of each academic year the university determines student eligibility for the modules they requested, and their eligibility to progress to the next year.  These FAQ's provide more information on this adjudication.

  • What are progression requirements?

  • Students are required to obtain a specific average in order to progress to their next year of study.  For first year students (attempted 3.0 or more courses) the average required is 55% to be in good standing and 50% to return on academic probation.  For students who have completed/ attempted 8.0 courses or more, the average required is 60% to be in good standing and 55% to return on academic probation.  Note to stay in your module (Specialization, Major, etc.) you usually need to maintain a specific average. Also note to graduate your cumulative average must be 60-65% depending on your program and degree.   

    Your degree checklist (degree checklists are found under Tools for Success on the left menu) and the Admission, Progression and Graduation chart can provide more information.  Our Academic Advisors are here to help you. 
  • I'm on probation. What does that mean?

  • Probation refers to a student who does not satisfy the minimum progression requirements for continuation of study at Huron but who will be allowed to continue at the University under specific conditions.  The student must meet these conditions to continue in good standing at the university.
  • I think one of my grades was tabulated incorrectly. What can I do?

  • Contact your professor to discuss the matter.  If not resolved contact the Chair of the Department.  Speak to academic advising for further information.


    Overall, the grounds for submitting a grade appeal may be one or more of the following: medical or compassionate circumstances, extenuating circumstances beyond the appellant's control, bias, inaccuracy or unfairness. All grounds advanced in a request for relief must be supported by a clear and detailed explanation of the reasons for the request together with all supporting documentation.

    The Ombudsperson serves both Huron and main campus students. They detail the step by step appeal process. Note grades may go up, down or stay the same in the grade appeal process. The first step in this process is to contact the professor.

  • Is there a deadline for grade appeals?

  • Yes.  In the case of a final grade in a course, the written appeal must be submitted to the Chair of the department by the following dates:

    - January Marks: January 31st
    - April/May Marks: June 30th
    - Intersession: July 31st
    - Summer Evening: August 31st
    - Summer Day: September 15th
    - Spring/Summer Mediated Learning Courses: October 15th

  • What occurs when you are required to withdraw?

  • Students will be required to withdraw from the University for a period of 12 months if they do not satisfy the minimum Progression Requirements defined by the Western University Senate for continuation of study at Huron, or if they have exceeded the maximum number of failed courses allowed (6.0 courses).

    Students who are required to withdraw typically receive a letter from Western University advising them of their status and an email is sent to their uwo.ca email address.  If you are required to withdraw, there will also be a notation on your online grade report (on Student Centre).  If you are unsure of your status, please ask an Academic Advisor.

    Withdrawing from University for a minimum of 12 months can give you the time you need to review your academic goals, and to take positive steps towards positioning yourself to achieve them.  Students who have withdrawn for 12 months can reapply to the University in January before they plan to return to their studies.  Readmission must occur through Ontario University Application Centre as well as to Huron.  

    If you have experienced major problems during the academic year that were outside of your control and had a negative impact on your studies, you may apply for a Dean’s Waiver of Progression Requirements, which, if granted, the Waiver of Progression Requirements will allow you to return to University on probation.  For questions about submitting the Dean's Waiver, please contact Jennifer Morocco at jmorocc@uwo.ca or 519-438-7224 x702.