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Degree checklists incorporate both the degree requirements you need to complete to graduate and the module requirements you need to complete to graduate. 

Here are instructions on how to complete a Degree/Grad Check

Generally students follow the module requirements in place when they entered that module.  To find past year's modules use past academic calendarsTo complete your degree check, you may refer to one of our Degree Checklists or our past academic calendar, and your Web academic report to check your requirements for graduation. 

  • You can view you “Web Academic Report” on Student Center
    • Your Web Academic Report is available through Student Center navigate to the Academics section and under Documentation the 3rd link down is Web Academic Report.
    • When the page loads click the drop down Report Type and choose Web Academic Report and then choose View Report.  Your record will open in a new window so ensure you don’t have popup blockers for this site.  You can then save it as a pdf or print it.
  • If you have any special permissions you may also view them on Student Center under Records and Enrollment > View Special Permissions

With your web academic report you can assess how far into your program you are now and what courses you have left to take!