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Supporting Huron and Saving Taxes

A gift of securities to Huron University College can be both tax-effective and help keep Huron a first-class community of learning for its students.

How to make a gift of securities to Huron

Making a gift of securities is straightforward and can be done in a way which works best for you and your broker. The link below provides all the necessary information to do this.

Please click here for our guide on how to make a gift of securities to Huron

Please click here to download and complete Making a Gift of Publicly Listed Securities Form

The tax advantages

Since May 2006, donations of publicly listed securities such as stocks, bonds and mutual funds to public charities have been exempt from capital gains tax. This offers donors the opportunity to realize major tax savings while at the same time supporting the first-class educational experience offered by Huron University College. Donors may make a gift of securities to support a particular area of college life, such as scholarships, bursaries, the library, international studies, and volunteer service.
The following example shows how, if you own securities and wish to donate them to Huron, considerable tax savings are possible:

Gifts of securities to Huron

Market Value
 Original Purchase Price
 Capital Gain $10,000
 Tax Payable on Capital Gain
 Tax Credit from Gift
 Net Cost of Gift

The above assumes a marginal tax rate of 45 per cent.