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The Huron Alumni USA Scholarship Fund

The Huron Alumni USA Scholarship will provide the kind of financial support which makes such a difference in students' decisions regarding the choice of institution to attend, and so that they can pursue their studies and prepare for the future with greater peace-of-mind.


Gifts from the USA

Huron alumni and friends living in the USA can support Huron and receive a charitable tax receipt

As per the Canada-U.S. Tax Treaty, a Canadian charitable tax receipt can be used by Huron alumni, former students, and their family members for tax returns with the IRS.

As Huron has evolved, so too has its alumni.  In recognition of the increasing number of alumni in the US, Huron has now acquired 501c 3 status in the US through the formation of the Huron University College Foundation USA for alumni who wish to make donations to support Huron.   This makes contributions to Huron that much more attractive for many alumni.  Under the Canada - U.S .Tax Treaty, Huron may issue tax receipts directly which qualify for tax credit with the IRS, while some alumni prefer to do so through a 501 c 3 status organization, which we now have in place.

The Huron University College Foundation USA also provides opportunities for corporations to receive tax credit for gifts to Huron.  Thus, alumni who choose to ask the companies for whom they work to make matching gifts to Huron can do so knowing that their company will receive tax credit.

As alumni and friends in the USA, we have an opportunity as a group who have chosen to pursue our careers and lives in this country to make a unique and distinctive demonstration of support for Huron.  And in the process, provide opportunities for and support for students from the US to study at Huron and benefit from the Huron community we know so well.

To that end, we are pleased to announce the establishment of the Huron Alumni USA Scholarship Fund.