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Huron endowments: 'The gift that keeps on giving'

Many alumni and friends make gifts to Huron in the form of an endowment to benefit an area of College life which has particular meaning for them. An endowment can be established in their name, their family's name, the name of a friend, or a group name for example.

An endowment is 'the gift that keeps on giving,' benefiting Huron students now and generations of Huron students to come.

Put simply, an endowment is a capital fund which the donor establishes that resides in The Huron University College Foundation. Each year, a percentage of one's total fund is paid out towards the area of College life which the donor chooses to support.

For example, a Library endowment of $10,000 provides approximately $400 each year for the Library to purchase books, periodicals and electronic databases. The endowment over time increases through investment growth and any additional donations, thus providing growing support for the Library in the years ahead.

One of the most attractive features of endowments is that they can be designated to support an area of the Huron experience which has particular meaning to the donor whether in arts and social science or theology, for example:

  • a bursary to provide financial assistance to students depending on family income
  • a scholarship to recognize academic achievement
  • academic programs such as academic chairs, lecture series, community-based learning and international study abroad
  • facilities such as the Library, and
  • Huron's Chapel and Chaplaincy.

Additional benefits to establishing an endowment:

  • the donor receives an annual report on the performance of the endowment and how the endowment supported students at Huron.
  • endowments contribute to Huron's financial well-being and security, providing an ongoing stream of revenue in support of the College's programs and student life.
  • endowments help attract students to Huron by providing scholarship and bursary support, for example.
  • endowments can be established with a gift of $15,000 or more, depending on the area the fund supports, and can be named in honour of the donor or another person or group as mentioned. A gift to establish an endowment can be made over up to five years.

In addition, many donors arrange for a planned gift such as a bequest in one's will which can be directed to the endowment they establish.

Endowments are increasing in popularity as a way to make possible an ongoing, very personal gift to Huron which benefits the College and its students year after year.