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Students express their appreciation

The programs and services which endowments support provide opportunities for an exceptional educational experience at Huron. Students receiving financial support have written to donors to express their appreciation, as in the following examples:

"I've managed to juggle three to four jobs throughout the previous three years next to school, and I continue to do so as a part-time associate at Rona Home and Garden, the grandstand supervisor at the Western Fair (during the Fall), a school bus driver for Murphy Bus Lines, and lastly, I deliver papers for the London Free Press every morning at 4 a.m."

"Your generous contribution through this bursary provides students, such as myself, the opportunity to focus more time towards our studies instead of having to worry about working endless hours to pay our tuition and bills. Your support is greatly appreciated."

"Your generosity permits me to attend a school of Huron's calibre without accumulating onerous financial burden. I cannot justly express in this note how greatly your bursary has been of help to me."

"The bursary I was awarded this year has allowed me to concentrate on my studies and broaden my education. I would like to sincerely thank you for helping me to reach my full potential and prepare for my future."

"I wish to thank you for your kindness and generosity in making it possible for me to attend Huron College. There is so much to be experienced through Huron, including the fellowship, support and encouragement of faculty and fellow students."

"My first year at Huron College has been amazing. I was exposed to so many ideas and had the opportunity to interact with such a variety of dynamic professors and students, learning how to ask questions and communicate my thoughts. In my second year, I believe I have gained both the confidence and the chance to develop and build on the opportunities Huron has given me so far."

"Without this financial assistance I would be unable to attend Huron. I am now immersed in full-time study and look forward to the call to ordained ministry. Moreover, I feel part of the Huron family.

"Huron is a place where I am challenged academically yet at the same time my faith has been built and strengthened. The community of students here supports and builds into one another. It is an amazing place to be."