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Huron's Alumni Mentoring Program

Career advice for young alumni and senior students

Huron’s mentoring program aims to connect alumni with students and other alumni to:


• help alumni and senior students explore different career paths through career advice and coaching from Huron alumni

• facilitate career transitions for alumni and students

• provide young alumni in particular with role models who can guide their  professional development

In March, 2013, Huron held its first career mentoring event in Toronto, attracting approximately 100 people and providing young alumni and students with opportunities to benefit from career advice of alumni who have enjoyed success in a variety of professions. Receptions have been held since, with the most recent held on March 4, 2017 with plans in place to hold another mentoring event in the 2017/18 academic year.

Online career mentoring program

In addition, Huron’s mentoring program, accessible online, offers the names of distinguished alumni representing a broad variety of professional backgrounds in cities across Canada for fellow alumni and senior students to access.  It’s an opportunity for alumni to share their experience and offer career and professional advice to fellow members of the Huron community as they pursue their careers.

Interested alumni contact the University Advancement office at kstankev@huron.uwo.ca to obtain the username and password for the protected site, which provides the names, emails and areas of professional interest for alumni who have agreed to be contacted.  Huron welcomes alumni who wish to be a mentor contact as well as those seeking career advice from a mentor.

Click here to access the online directory.