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Huron Alumni Association

The Huron University College Alumni Association is committed to providing opportunities for Huron alumni and friends to maintain connections with fellow Huron alumni and to participate in and contribute to the continuing life and growth of the Huron University College community.

If you are interested in joining the Alumni Association Board of Directors, please contact Meaghan Blight, VP, University Growth at mblight4@huron.uwo.ca


  Peter Theophilos '94


The Rev. Canon Catherine Ascah '91, '05

Jeff Baryshnik '02

The Rev. Grayhame Bowcott '08, '10

Vernon Fernandes '85

Derek Luksun '06

The Rev. Meghan Nicholls '09

Vivek Prabhu '13

Laura Ross '85

Gail (Hubbard) Varey '69

Yola (Hamzo) Ventresca '02

Paul Williams '79

Beverley Paterson Wood '64