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Undergraduate Research Opportunities

The Psychology program at Huron tries to provide as much “hands-on” experiences for our students as possible. 

Starting in our introductory course (Psych 1100E), students become the “researcher” by conducting small experiments in the course, developing their own psychological assessments, learning about basic statistical analyses, and learning how to write a manuscript in APA style with data they collected themselves.  Students in each of the core research courses conduct independent research studies as part of their course requirements - so by the time our students graduate from the Major module in Psychology, they have significant independent research experience (completing at least 6 major independent research papers) in all of the major subfields of Psychology.  

In addition to the research skills acquired in the classroom, Huron Psychology students also have the opportunity to engage in research outside of the classroom. For example, students can work one-on-one on an individual research project with the Huron Psychology faculty in fields such as music and language processing, forgiveness and happiness, risk behaviours and health, and animal cognition. Huron Psychology students are also welcome to seek research opportunities in the Psychology Department at the University of Western Ontario.