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Undergraduate Research in Political Science

Students in Political Science often have an opportunity to work closely with their Professors in the research process. 

From the first day of classes in Introduction to Political Science (POL 1020), students are invited to participate in the research process. Many courses include options for students to conduct their own research and Huron’s advantage in faculty/student ratio permits full supervision of such initiatives. Research Methods in Political Science (POL 3324) is an advanced course in which each student develops a unique extended research proposal throughout the course.  

As research assistants to Professors, students develop a range of analytical, communication, and leadership skills that provide an excellent foundation for graduate studies or professional careers.  In recent years, students have been involved with faculty research projects investigating topics such as urban planning, multiculturalism, globalization and the environment, and the history and theory of utilitarianism.  Such research opportunities position Huron Political Science students to compete for prestigious internship programs and research placements with governments in Canada and internationally.

Acknowledgements of Undergraduate Research from Huron Political Science Faculty Members
  • Acknowledgements from Paul Nesbitt-Larking


  • "I gratefully acknowledge the assistance of Jacqueline Sohn, who ably assisted in the transcription of the audiotapes.  I am also grateful to students of Political Personality and Political Authority who conducted archival and media research.  Seed funding for this research project has been provided by Huron University College's Administration Committee Fund." (British Journal of Canadian Studies, 20.1, Canadian Muslims:  Political Discourses in Tension, 2007))

    "I gratefully acknowledge the financial assistance of Huron University College in the preparation of this paper and the research assistance of Caroline Jimdar."
    (The Discourse of Aggression:  Trudeau in Parliament, 2002/2003))

    "Assistance in setting up the Canadian focus groups was provided by Jiman Mosa, who we thank." (The Political Psychology of Globalization Muslims in the West, 2011)
  • Acknowledgements from Jim Crimmins

  • “For research assistance, I thank David Muncaster, Meghan Laws, and George Hamzo, former students who gave considerably to the project.  George Hamzo also coauthored several entries.” (The Bloomsbury Encyclopedia of Utilitarianism, 2013)

    “Professor Crimmins would like to acknowledge the assistance received from the late Professor Robert Fenn, Harold Tesch, Jane Caskey, Anne Skoczylas, Toby Schwartz, and Patrick Carter…” (The Collected Works of Jeremy Bentham, Church-of-Englandism and its Catechism Examined, 2011)

    “For research assistance , I thank Chantal Phillips, Isaac Quinn Dupont and my former students George Hamzo and David Muncaster.”
    (Utilitarian Philosophy and Politics, Bentham’s Later Years, 2011)

     “I owe a special debt of gratitude to Dr Mark Spencer for his invaluable assistance in tracking down some of the more obscure texts, and also acknowledge the labours of James Ede and Toby Schwartz in producing the various material contained in these volumes.”
    (The Death Penalty: Debates in Britain and the US, 1725-1868, 2004)

    “My thanks, too, to my student researchers, Sarah Storm and James Ede, who helped in the reproduction of the texts.  No doubt Sarah and James will move on to bigger and better things, but it was a pleasure for me to work with them on this project.” (The Opinions of Different Authors Upon the Punishment of Death, Volume 1, 2004)

    “I am grateful for the cheerful and vital assistance of Sarah Storm…” (Bentham’s Auto-Icon and Related Writings, 2002 )
  • Acknowledgements from David Blair

  • "Thanks to Joe Lyons for research assistance" (Trade Liberalisation, Environmental Regulation and the Limits of Reformism: The North American Experience, 2008)