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Programs Offered (Modules)
The Minor in Political Science offers the experience of advanced courses in political analysis, the Major in Political Science provides a strong general background in political science, while the Honors Specialization in Political Science reflects the achievement of both breadth and depth in political science. Major and Minor modules in Political Studies (Globalization and Governance, State and Policy and Ideology and Identity) are designed to permit specialization in sub-fields of political science that are geared toward both career goals and graduate school specializations.
  • Honors Specialization, Major and Minor in Political Science

  • Honors Specialization in Political Science
    Major in Political Science
    Minor in Political Science

    The Honors Specialization and Major
    modules in Political Science provide students with a strong foundation in all of the main sub-fields of the discipline.  The Major in Political Science is designed for students who wish to have a good general background in political science, and the Honors Specialization offers the added advantage of permitting students to design their own specialized programs through their choice of optional courses within the module.  Both of these modules structured to help students gain admission into virtually any graduate program in Political Science either in Canada or abroad.

  • Globalization and Governance

  • Major in Political Studies: Globalization and Governance
    Minor in Political Studies: Globalization and Governance

    Globalization and Governance
    modules focus on the ways in which politics and government within nation-states are influenced by international forces and how nation-states are in turn attempting to shape those international forces.  These modules will be of interest to students planning graduate research in international or global studies and careers in such areas as the foreign service, international development, international business and non-governmental organizations.

  • State and Policy

  • Major in Political Studies: State and Policy
    Minor in Political Studies: State and Policy

    State and Policy
    modules are concerned with the details of how policy ideas emerge and make their way through the system of policy consultation and formation, resulting in the making of binding laws and regulations.  These modules also examine institutional and organizational structures and investigate matters related to policy implementation and evaluation.  A background in state and policy is a useful preparation for graduate research in public administration or policy analysis as well as for careers in the public service, business administration, political consulting, policy research institutes, and not-for-profit and non-governmental organizations.

  • Ideology and Identity

  • Major in Political Studies: Ideology and Identity
    Minor in Political Studies: Ideology and Identity

    Ideology and Identity modules bring together the study of political philosophy, ideologies, and movements in the context of a detailed exploration of political behaviour.  Ideology and Identity includes detailed studies of political traditions, politics and the media, and the political mind.  With a background in ideology and identity, careers in the media, public relations, political communications, political organizations, and policy research institutes are all viable options.  Ideology and Identity modules also serve as a good background to graduate work in political theory, political communications and political psychology.

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