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Faculty and Staff

David J. Blair, Ph.D. (Geneva)
Associate Professor, Political Science

Email: dblair@huron.uwo.ca 
Location: HUC V133
Office Phone: (519) 438-7224 ext. 601

BA, MA (Toronto), Ph.D. (Geneva)

Courses Taught
International Politics (2231E)
Global Political Economy (2257)
Global Environmental Politics (3379F/G)
Globalization of Neoliberalism (3386F/G)

Research Interests
Global Politics
International Political Economy
Global Environmental Politics
The Politics of Globalization

Neil Bradford, Ph.D. (Carleton)
Professor, Political Science, Chair of the Political Science Department
Email: bradford@huron.uwo.ca
Office Location: HUC A300
Office Phone: (519) 438-7224 ext. 333

BA (Toronto), MA (Queen's), Ph.D. (Carleton)

Courses Taught
Introduction to Political Science (1020E)
Inside Governments (2285E)
City-Regions in a Global Age (3368E)

Research Interests
Public Administration
Public Policy
Comparative Political Economy

Academic Profile

Alfred L. Chan, Ph.D. (Toronto)
Professor, Political Science

Email: achan@huron.uwo.ca
Office Location: HUC A212
Office Phone: (519) 438-7224 ext. 255

BA (Manitoba), MA, Ph.D. (Toronto)

Courses Taught
Introduction to Comparative Politics (2245E)
Chinese Government and Politics (2280E)
China's International Relations (3382F/G)
Japan's International Relations (3383F/G)

Research Interests
Chinese Politics
Chinese Policy-Making
Chinese Political Succession

Academic Profile

James E. Crimmins, BA, MA (Wales), Ph.D. (Western)
Professor of Political Theory

Email: jcrimmin@huron.uwo.ca
Office Location: HUC V120
Office Phone: (519) 438-7224 ext. 312

Courses Taught
Introduction to Political Theory (2237E)
US Constitution (2239F/G)
British Politics: Continuity and Change (2299E)
Theories of the State (3351E)
Law, State and Democracy (3355E)

Research Interests
Political Theory
History of Political Thought
Death Penalty Debates
The Politics of Britain and Northern Ireland
Currently researching a book on the influence of utilitarian ideas on American political thought from the 1776 revolution through the nineteenth century.
Academic Profile

Robert F. Jonasson, Ph.D. (Western)
Sessional Assistant Professor, Political Science

Email: rjonasso@uwo.ca
Office Location: HUC V125
Office Phone: (519) 438-7224 ext. 248

BA, MA (McMaster), BEd (Windsor), Ph.D. (Western)

Courses Taught
Introduction to Political Science (1020E)
Canadian Government and Politics (2230E)
Selected Topics: Canadian Federalism (3394G)

Research Interests
Canadian Politics
European Politics

Paul Nesbitt-Larking, Ph.D. (Carleton)
Professor, Political Science
Acting Dean, Faculty of Arts and Social Science
Email: pnesbitt@huron.uwo.ca
Office Location: HUC A301
Office Phone: (519) 438-7224 ext. 286

B.Sc. (Bradford) , PGCE (London), MA (Kent), Ph.D. (Carleton)

Courses Taught
Introduction to Political Science (1020E)
Canadian Government and Politics (2230E)
Media and Elections: Campaigns, Candidates and Coverage (3384F/G)
Political Communications in Canada: Image, Influence, Impact (3385FG)

Research Interests
Canadian Politics
Comparative Politics
Political Psychology
Political Communications

Academic Profile

Part-time Faculty

  Frank Cameron, (BA) Western, MA (Alberta), Ph.D. (Ottawa)
Email: fcamero3@uwo.ca

Courses Taught
Political Theory (2237E)

Research Interests
Ancient and Modern Political Thought
Leo Strauss

Don Abelson, Ph.D.
Email: dabelson@uwo.ca

Courses Taught
POL 3395G

  Jen Mustapha, Ph.D
Email: jmustap@uwo.ca
Office location: A301​

Courses Taught
POL 2294F, POL 3376E

  Lindsay Scorgie-Porter, Ph.D
Email:  lscorgi@uwo.ca
Office location: A301

BA (Toronto), MSc (LSE), PhD (Cambridge)

Courses Taught
POL 1020 (550), POL 2295F, POL 2295G, POL 3345E

Research Interests:
Rebel groups
African politics
Conflict management

Selected Works of Lindsay Scorgie-Porter

Britney Podolinsky
Administrative Assistant
Faculty of Arts & Social Science
Email: bpodolin@uwo.ca
Office location: A116
Office phone:  519-438-7224 x231