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Bill Irwin, Ph.D. (Western)
Assistant Professor, MOS

Email: birwin6@uwo.ca
Office Location: HUC A2a
Office Phone: (519) 438-7224 ext. 614

MPA (Queen's), PhD (Western)

Courses Taught
Human Relations in the Organization (MOS 2155A/B)
Organizational Behavior (MOS 2181A/B)
Statistics for Management and Organizational Studies (MOS 2242A/B)
Business-Government Relations: A Contemporary Policy Perspective (MOS 3353F/G)
Essentials of Human Resources for Non HR Specialists (MOS 3385A/B)

Dr. Irwin's Teaching, Research and Publications

Jan Klakurka, MBA (UWO)
Assistant Professor, MOS
Director, Management and Organizational Studies

Email: jklakurk@huron.uwo.ca
Office Location: HUC A2c
Office Phone: (519) 438-7224 ext. 263

BCom (UTM), MBA (UWO), CA, CMC, C.Dir, CPA

Courses Taught
Operations Management for MOS (MOS 3330A/B)
Introduction to Taxation in Canada (MOS 3362A/B)
Introduction to Auditing (MOS 3363A/B)
Strategic Management for MOS (MOS 4410A/B)
Advanced Issues in Canadian Taxation (MOS 4462A/B)

J. Klakurka's Teaching, Research and Publications

  Donna Kotsopoulos
Professor, MOS

Email: dkotsopo@uwo.ca
Office Location: OR 161
Office Phone: (519) 438-7224 ext. 389

PhD (UWO), MEd (UWO), BEd (York), BA (York)

Vicki Sweeney, MBA (UWO)
Assistant Professor, Business/MOS

Email: vsweeney@huron.uwo.ca
Office Location: HUC OR146
Office Phone: (519) 438-7224 ext. 367



Courses Taught

Accounting and Business Analysis (BUS 2257)
Management Accounting (MOS 3370A/B)

Part Time Faculty

Richard Bloomfield
Office Location: OR145
Courses Taught
BUS 1220E

Emily Chen-Bendle
Office Location: OR145
Courses Taught
BUS 3320A/B

Cristin Keller
Office Location: A2b
Courses Taught

William (Bill) Dawson, BA, HBA (UWO), CMA
Office Location:  A2b
Courses Taught
MOS 3310A, MOS 4465A, MOS 4466B, MOS 4471B

Des McKeon, HBA (Bishop's), MA (Toronto)
Office Location: A8
Courses Taught
MOS 3316B

Muhammad Shuja
Office Location: A2b
Courses Taught
MOS 3360A, MOS 3361B

Mahdi Roghanizad
Office Location: OR 157
Courses Taught
MOS 2181B & 3330B

Britney Podolinsky
Administrative Assistant
Faculty of Arts & Social Science
email: bpodolin@uwo.ca
ph.# 519-438-7224 x231
office# A116