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Internships, Collaboration, and Solidarity Opportunities
Below are a list of resources and organizations for CGS students interested in opportunities to complement their global studies courses and interests.

Specialized Internships
Canada World Youth (Link)
Carter Centre (International Internships) (Link)
CIDA International Youth Internship Program (Link)
Coady International Institute (Link)
CUSO/VSO Canada (Link)
Clinton Foundation (Internships) (Link)
United Nations Volunteers (Link)
World University Service of Canada - WUSC (Link)
United Nations Internships (Link)

Solidarity and Collaborative Programs
Canada World Youth
Canadian Roots Exchange
Heartlinks (solidarity trips to Peru, based in London, Ontario)
Rights Action (solidarity/educational delegations)
Christian Peacemaker Teams (volunteer in a delegation)
Canadian Network on Cuba (solidarity labour brigades)