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Faculty Members and Staff

Mark F. N. Franke
Associate Professor and Director, Centre for Global Studies
email: mfranke(at)huron.uwo.ca
ph.# 519.438.7224 x242
office# A209

PhD Political Science, The Johns Hopkins University
MA Contemporary Social and Political Thought, University of Victoria
BA Philosophy, University of Victoria
BA History, University of Victoria

Dr. Franke's Teaching, Research and Publications

  Katherine Lawless
Assistant Professor
email: klawles(at)huron.uwo.ca
ph. #519.438.7224 x705

PhD Theory & Criticism, University of Western Ontario
MA Theory, Culture & Politics, Trent University
BA Gender Equality & Social Justice, Nipissing University

Dr. Lawless' Teaching, Research and Publications

Wendy Russell
Assistant Professor 
email: wrussell(at)huron.uwo.ca
ph.# 519.438.7224 x226
office# V128

PhD Anthropology, McMaster University
MA Symbolic Anthropology, Western
BA Linguistics and English, Western

Dr. Russell's Teaching, Research and Publications

Lucas Savino
Assistant Professor
email: lsavino2(at)huron.uwo.ca
ph.# 519.438.7224 x 256
office# A208

PhD Political Science, Western University
MA Political Science, University of Windsor
BA International Relations, Catholic University of Cordoba

Dr. Savino's Teaching and Research

 Part-time Faculty
Kevin Edmonds
office# TBD

Charis Enns
office# TBD

Emily Field
email: efield@uwo.ca
office# TBD

Crystal Gaudet
email: cgaudet5(at)uwo.ca
office# TBD

Matthew McBurney
email: mmcburn2(at)uwo.ca
office# TBD

Katherine Pendakis
email: kpendaki(at)uwo.ca
office# TBD

Ian Puppe
email: ipuppe@uwo.ca
office# TBD

Shazia Sadaf
office# TBD

Lauren Hogg
Administrative Assistant,
Faculty of Arts & Social Science
ph.# 519.438.7224 x 277
office# A116