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Lights! Camera! Leadership with Heart!

September 29, 2017
Shafin Tejani graduated from Huron in 2001, but even before he left Huron’s hallowed halls, his entrepreneurial spirit had already begun to influence his promising future. After Shafin transferred from Western’s main campus, he immediately saw the benefits of the strategically small Liberal Arts University: “The small classrooms, the global perspective and the quality teachers were the best things for me.” he says.  During their undergrad, Shafin and a couple of other Huron students started iFluRtz, a match-making app for high school students. 

Sixteen years later, Shafin is now the President and CEO of Victory Square Technologies. Victory incubates and invests in entrepreneurs. These investments extend beyond funding and include mentorship, workspaces and other resources that support their burgeoning success. “Much of what we’re trying to achieve at Victory aligns with Huron’s vision of Educating Leaders with Heart, and I’m really excited about the direction the school is going in,” Shafin explains.

Shafin describes the years he spent at Huron and the relationships he built there as some of the most meaningful in his life. Since leaving our Liberal Arts University, he has helped to launch 40 start-ups that have generated more than $100 million in sales. But, his team’s newest venture is what’s currently making headlines. 

In July, Victory Square invested in Unified Film Fund II LLC, which will support the production of three films. One of them is Dragged Across Concrete, a thriller starring Vince Vaughan and Mel Gibson. You can read about Shafin’s newest venture in his interview with Business Vancouver interview

You can also find Shafin’s Huron story, which includes great advice for entrepreneurs, within our newest Distinctions magazine.