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Derry Lecture

October 22, 2018
Come join us!

Chad Gaffield
Derry Lecture

Huron University College
Monday October 22, 2018, 5pm 
Great Hall 

Digital technologies are enabling, accelerating and then influencing new ways of thinking and behaving across societies in ways that have been both surprising and predictable in scope and impact. While IBM’s President, Thomas Watson, anticipated in 1945 a global need for only five mainframe computers, and the creators of email imagined only limited use by specific groups, profound changes since at least the mid-nineteenth century laid the deep foundation for today’s digital age. An understanding of these changes provides an essential perspective on current debates ranging from those about disruption and empowerment to those about surveillance, dehumanization and inequality. By highlighting key historical developments, this lecture invites discussion by focusing on the challenges and opportunities on campuses for creating a digital future that benefits all.