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Leadership with Heart means living our commitment to a more sustainable campus 

Huron has just completed its Waste Audit. This audit looks at our current waste management practices to outline which actions or systems are generating excessive waste - or areas where we could simply be doing better.

As a part of this audit process, our team members responded with strategies for reducing waste. Both the audit and report touch on a broad range of elements within our university to determine how much waste our students, faculty and staff are producing and how we can actively mitigate these practices.

In accordance with the results of the audit, we have created a Waste Reduction Work Plan. This plan includes actionable steps that our Huron community can implement to position our campus as a more sustainable and environmentally conscious institution.

We look forward to working with stakeholders at all levels within our organization to make sure we are acting responsibility to support a brighter, more sustainable future for the next generations of Leaders with Heart. 

If you have any questions about the audit or subsequent report, please reach out to Deborah Lucas.